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Start your application process right with curated guides and resources put together by former T15 admissions officers.


How to Write a College Essay

Your college essay is the centerpiece of your college application. In this guide, we walk you through everything you'll need to do to write one that stands out.


33-minute read


How to Write Supplemental Essays

Supplemental essays are a tough nut to crack. They're a careful balance between narrative and strategic school fit. Let's talk about how to ace them.


16-minute read

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An Overview of Basic Extracurricular Pathways

These days, the extracurricular options can be overwhelming. Join us as we demystify the extracurricular process and give you actionable advice for creating an authentic and balanced activities list.


5-minute read

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How to Strategize Your Early Decision Application

Aim too high or too low with your ED, and you risk missing out on a potential boost. In this post, we give you our best Early Decision strategy tips.


5-minute read

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Touring Colleges: What You Need to Know

Ah, the green grass on the quad, the brick and ivy, the posters for next weekend's art exhibition—few things are more helpful in the college search process than a good old-fashioned college visit. Here, we show you how to make the most of your time on campus.


7-minute read

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Letters of Recommendation for College: A Guide

Your letters of recommendation help admissions officers get to know who you are in the classroom and your community. We break down how to get the best letters possible.


5-minute read

How to apply to college

A complete, 16-part guide to applying to college. Plus a glossary! This is our most comprehensive guide to the application process yet.


30-minute read