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Become the Story Admissions Officers Talk About

Our small team of former admissions officers will help you transform your application from invisible to unforgettable.

"My daughter genuinely looked forward to their conversations."

They aren't going to try to make you into something you're not or something you don't want to be. Instead, they're going to paint the best picture of you possible on each and every application.

TA, Client ('24)

"Couldn't be happier."

We’ve worked with Alex for four years and have had nothing but an amazing experience throughout. In junior/senior year he helped my daughter build a school list and coached her through writing essays that were as amazing and personal as our son’s. She's now at Bowdoin. 

Jian, Client ('22)

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Meet Your Unfair Advantage in Admissions

We're not just consultants; we're your personal admission team—award-winning writers, competitive climbers, published poets, and former gatekeepers of top universities. With over 30 years on the frontline of admissions at schools like Stanford, Vanderbilt, Middlebury, and Harvard. Our insights come from the inside—and we’re dedicated to helping you craft an irresistible application.

Each of us is fully invested in your success, offering a bespoke service where every application is scrutinized and polished to perfection. Our obsession? Your success.

We dive deep into your story, your accomplishments, and your dreams. We understand the power of a narrative that can make admissions officers pause, reflect, and remember. Our mission is to help you craft an application that doesn’t just speak to the admissions committee—it leaves a lasting impression that is impossible to ignore.


Ben Bousquet, M.Ed
Former Assistant Admissions Director, Vanderbilt University

Ben is the former Assistant Director of Admissions at Vanderbilt University and was a Resident Director of the 2018 Harvard Pre-College Program. Ben has reviewed 20,000+ applications, presented files to the admissions committee, and selected students for top merit scholarships. At Harvard, he facilitated admissions workshops for 500+ high-achieving high school students. 


Irena Smith, PhD
Former Admissions Officer, Stanford University

Irena is a former admission officer at Stanford University and has led her own admissions practice for 15+ years. She works in consultation with McNeil Admissions, providing application strategy feedback to team members. Irena's writing on college admissions has been featured in The Atlantic, San Francisco Chronicle, and NPR.


Kylie Kistner, MA
Former Admissions Counselor, Willamette University

Kylie is a former admissions counselor at Willamette University. She has been a writing coach at three institutions, worked with thousands of students on writing, and has supported neurodiverse students through writing, planning, and project management. Kylie co-created a university-wide writing handbook used across 200+ undergraduate writing courses and to teach writing in several countries. 


Elyse Fenton, MFA

Senior Essay Editor

A college essay editor for 10+ years, Elyse Fenton is the author of the poetry collections, Clamor, winner of the 2010 Dylan Thomas Prize, and Sweet Insurgent, winner of the Alice Fay di Castagnola Prize. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Best New Poets, and American Poetry Review, and has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and PRI’s The World. She holds a BA from Reed College and an MFA from the University of Oregon. She lives with her family and small chicken flock in Portland, Oregon.


Laurie Filipelli, MFA

Senior Essay Editor

Laurie Filipelli is a poet, editor, and educator who specializes in guiding students toward authentic and well-crafted college application essays. She holds an MA in English from the University of Cincinnati and an MFA from Indiana University. She has authored two collections of poems, Elseplace (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2013) and the 2019 Writers’ League of Texas Discovery Prize winner, Girl Paper Stone (Black Lawrence Press, 2018) as well as the Mighty Writing College Application Essay Guide, in collaboration with Irena Smith.

"Helped me frame my application"

I was anxious going into things because I had a pretty generic resume and was applying to very competitive schools. Ben was so good at helping me frame my application in a way that made up for the holes in my resume. My results were amazing also. Studying CS at Berkeley next year!

Ellie, Client ('23)

"They work with the whole person"

Alex was able to help choose topics that struck a balance between academics and personal achievements. My son got into the top choice of universities due in major part to his essay work. Very thankful and would definitely recommend.

Gopal, Client ('22)

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Why work with us?

Forget the reject pile. The real danger? Being utterly forgettable. To seize your spot, you need admissions officers whispering in the halls about you.

Imagine... An officer, jaded after 30 faceless applications, stumbles upon yours. What happens next isn’t just reading—it’s an experience. Your story captivates, transforms a routine check into an impassioned advocate for your admission.

Why? Because it's different. It's you.

At Admit Report, we're not just about consulting. We're about crafting lightning-in-a-bottle applications that make admissions officers sit up and take notice. With us, you:

  • Transform your application into an unforgettable story.
  • Strike with impact, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing you've put forward your absolute best.

Ready to electrify your college application?

"Your story isn't just words; it's your ticket in. Without connection, it's just paper. Our mission? To weave your achievements, dreams, and character into a narrative so compelling, it becomes irresistible.”

Ben Bousquet, Former Vanderbilt Admissions 


Writing & Strategy Support

1:1 Strategy Consultation with a Former Admissions Officer

With the Strategy Essentials and Let's Write packages, you'll get one 50-minute strategy consultation with a former admissions officer.

Your strategy consultant will look holistically at your application and give you advice about your chances. We'll talk you through your school list, essay topics, and strategic narrative. 

With the Let's Write package, you'll receive follow-up notes after your session and be connected with your essay editor.

Essay Editing with a Professional Editor

Put your strategy advice into action. In the Let's Write package, you'll be paired with a professional writer and editor who will asynchronously review your work. 

This isn't just grammar editing. It's full-blown developmental editing that will take you from topic to completed draft. It's the kind of editing you'd receive if you were writing a book. 

Our editors are the best in the business. They aren't students or strong writers working on a side-gig. They're MFAs who are full-time writers and college essay editors.

In the Let's Write package, you'll get four hours of editing. Additional hours are available for purchase.

A Personalized Strategy Guide to Cut Through the Noise

The Strategy Guide compresses all of our best admissions strategy advice into a single document. And it's completely personalized to you.

You fill out our VERY extensive, top-secret onboarding form, and we'll make you a guide that...

  • Recommends an application narrative based on your academic profile, resume, and personal experiences
  • Gives you topics for all essays based in your strengths and strongest stories
  • Suggests schools that fit your profile and interests
  • Brainstorms last-minute a summer project ideas to take your application to the next level

Your Secret Weapon: The Essay Academy Course

All of our clients get complete access to the Essay Academy. It's an all-in-one college essay program, with a comprehensive video curriculum and essay examples. Its curriculum was created by former top-15 admissions officers—your one-stop on your application journey.

The Essay Academy program includes...

  • Over 50 Real-Life Essay Examples: Learn from others' successes. These essays aren't just good; they're the gold standard.
  • 16+ Hours of High-Quality Learning: Dive into a treasure trove of resources. Each module is designed to elevate your writing, from brainstorming to final polish.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Got a sudden burst of inspiration at midnight? We've got you covered.

"The example essays were insane."

The Essay Academy example essays were insane, and the strategy sheet literally gave me my essay topics. After my one-hour strategy session, I knew exactly what to do. 

Jessica F., Vanderbilt Admit ('22)

"Ben's advice and expertise helped me get into Amherst."

Getting my college essays done by the deadline was a struggle for me. Thankfully, Ben was a great writing coach who understood the strategy of admissions. He was incredibly helpful in polishing my UC essays and common app. Thank you Ben!

Ryan, Amherst Admit ('23)


Make your story the one they can't put down.

Strategy Essentials

Maximize your admissions chances.

Get school list help, topics for all your essays, and lock down an application narrative.

  • One 50-minute strategy session
  • Personalized strategy document
  • Full access to the Essay Academy


Let's Write

Get feedback on your essays.

Everything in Strategy Essentials, plus extra editing time with a professional writer.

  • One 50-minute strategy session
  • 4 hours of essay editing
  • Personalized strategy document
  • Full access to the Essay Academy


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Essay examples that deliver

Understand what a winning college essay looks like—and how to write your own.

"This program saved me. The videos and essay examples in the Essay Academy were next-level. Alex & his team changed how I saw my application strategy. This program was the reason I got into Georgetown, hands down. 10/10. Thank youuuu."

Lily S., Georgetown University '26



Craft essays that hit admissions officers like a bolt of lightning

Alex and the Admit Report team perfectly balance application strategy and writing. The essays this program turns out are amazing. If there are spots left, sign up.

Irena Smith, PhD., Former Stanford Admissions Officer

Who is our personalized consulting for?

We built our program for students who care about their college applications deeply but who lack clarity about the college essays—and yet who understand how important they are in the process and know that admissions to selective schools often depends on writing great essays.

The program is for you if...

  • You’re preparing to apply to college or you’ve already started the process, and feeling daunted as you start thinking about a topic for a personal essay.
  • You struggle to write in a personal tone and find yourself gravitating to stories that feel overdone, boring, or impersonal.
  • You don’t understand the conventions of college essays and need help navigating their unwritten rules.
  • You’re tired of browsing through forums and half-completed blog posts to piece together an idea of how to approach the writing process.
  • Your writing may be OK, but you have a hard time seeing the “bigger picture” of your application and narrative strategy

You aren't a fit if...

  • You aren’t actively applying to colleges this year—e.g., you are currently a first-year or sophomore in high school.
  • You’re only looking for help with things like school list-building or extracurricular crafting

Across 12,582 college applications we've reviewed, the essays defined the successful ones.


Build your essay strategy

Our strategy framework will help you craft essays that fit together and stand out.

"Everything about essays in one place."

Probably spent 100 hours procrastinating on reddit and random blogs trying to track down essay information. The Essay Academy laid out everything I needed to know about the essays in one place, and then my consultant helped me across the finish line.

Tim P., University of Texas, Austin Admit ('22)

"They streamlined the longest and most difficult part of my application process—the essays"

Alex looked at my family life and personality and was able to come up with a story for me to write about in my essays that advertised who I was as a person and highlighted my strengths. That’s ultimately the reason why I’m here today.

Nellie, Bowdoin Admit ('23)

Our personal consulting service helps you craft unforgettable essays

DIY Private Consultant Our Personal Support
Cost 100+ hours of your time spent hunting down unreliable answers. Up to $25,000 for comprehensive support. Hit or miss quality. $990+ for help that cuts to the chase and leaves you with unforgettable essays.
Format A thousand random blog posts, Reddit threads, and open Chrome tabs. Low-quality phone calls or the cafe at the local Barnes & Nobles. An action-focused strategy session, asynchronous essay editing, essay examples, and a digital curriculum designed by former-T15 admissions officers.
Timeline You're free to Google late into the night, every night... Support happens hourly and on the consultant's time. Help when you need it and an always-on digital course that provides the best asynchronous support around - on your time.
Essay Guidance Anecdotal advice and no clear sense of what works. Often hit-or-miss frameworks for writing so-so essays. Consultants are not always skilled writers. A tried and tested curriculum for essay support and direct mentorship from professional writers and admissions pros.
Row Label
See Pricing

Ready to write?

Essay Academy FAQs

What's included in the Essay Academy?

The Essay Academy is a digital course designed to get you through the college essay gauntlet. It includes 15+ hours of cinematic video content, 50+ example essays from real applications, and 30+ pages of workbooks and resources to help you through the process. It's also based around 35k+ words of written curriculum never before published by our team.

When you sign up, you also get invited to a private community where we host webinars covering other admissions topics and Q&A sessions with former T15 admissions officers. 

The course is divided into five sections: strategy, the Common App Personal Essay, Supplemental Essays, UC Essays, and revision and writing. 

There's something here for everyone. The Essay Academy is the one-stop you need to make to craft some spectacular essays. 

What example essays do you have?

We've built an epic bank of 40+ example essays covering every major essay genre. Our essay examples are drawn from real applications and extensively discussed by Alex McNeil in detailed video walkthroughs. We also review example essays in the webinars offered through our private community. We feel that essay examples are the best place to learn from. 

Do I have to complete the whole course to get value?

Nope. You can go at your own pace and watch whatever content is most compelling to you. There are several "universal" sections that you should complete--these are where we share our strategic framework. But otherwise, you can dip into the Common App section, then pop over to learn about Why Us supplementals, then graze through our sections on drafting and revising. It's all up to you.  

We provide a variety of "pathways"—program syllabuses that you can use to help steer a custom course through the Essay Academy.

"Balanced my personal essay and supplementals."

I didn’t have a narrative strategy before I started working with Admit Report. I was just kind of writing whatever. The program helped me lock in a strategy for all my essays. They showed me how to talk about my different extracurriculars in a way that balanced out across my personal essay and supplementals.

Vargas D., University of Chicago Admit ('22)