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Last updated March 22, 2024

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How to Write the Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay

Key Takeaway

When you write the Georgia Tech supplemental essay, you should demonstrate a strong fit for your chosen major and show off your intellectual curiosity. Research the department's website to find courses, faculty, resources, and opportunities that align with your interests and experiences, and emphasize the specific ways you'll contribute to the intellectual community at Georgia Tech.

In addition to your Common App personal statement, Georgia Tech also asks you to write the Georgia Tech essay.

The Georgia Institute of Technology—or Georgia Tech, for short—is one of the best state schools in the country. We know from their Common Data Set that your essays play an important role in their application review process.

In particular, your Georgia Tech supplemental essay helps you show intellectual and school fit.

Let’s take a look at the one and only prompt.

The Georgia Tech Essay

Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?* (300 words)

Yep, that’s it! That’s the whole prompt. It’s a straightforward why this major essay.

As with any why this major supplemental essay, your main goals are to a) show academic fit and b) demonstrate good intellectual curiosity. It’s always a plus when you can incorporate tidbits of information about yourself along the way, too.

Be sure to read the prompt closely. Georgia Tech isn’t just asking why you want to study your chosen major. They’re asking why you want to study it specifically at Georgia Tech. That means you’ll need to start with some research.

A safe place to begin is usually the departmental website of the major you’re applying for.

Put on your detective glasses and do some digging. You’re looking for courses, faculty, resources, opportunities, etc. that align with your interests and experiences.

Let’s say you want to major in biology and are interested in going on to a graduate program in microbiology.

Well, Georgia Tech has a wonderful research option within their biology department that would set you up for success and allow you to build on the research you’ve already done in high school. You’re also stoked about the possibility of becoming a Petit Scholar or working with Professor Han, whose research interests align with yours. Oh, and as a cherry on top, you can’t wait to join the GT American Red Cross Club and put all your Red Cross volunteer hours in high school to good work.

See? Spending a little time combing through web pages, following interesting rabbit holes, and reading up on your academic interests can help you find organic connections.

Once you’ve done your research, get to writing.

Key Takeaways

Writing a good Georgia Tech supplemental essay is all about drawing out the specific ways in which you are a good match for your major—and that match goes both ways. Show not only what you’ll gain from being part of the intellectual community but also what you’ll add to it.

You’ve got this.




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